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How To Do Video When You're No Good At Video Are you the sort of person who hates the thought of being on camera? Do you dislike hearing your own voice? If the answer to either of the above questions is 'Yes', then you'll probably feel you're at a distin
Steven Lucas 27.08.2016 2 311

Whose Fault is it if YOU Are Not A Success? Yup. This going to be a 'mindset' lecture. Switch off now, visit some other post that gives you sympathy and you're proving me right. Harsh? Maybe, but it's something that is seen so much online especially in f
Steven Lucas 27.08.2016 3 302

  Why Build An Email List?   Why indeed? Surely emailing people is just spamming them and everyone is fed up with that.   The big thing with building an email list is to make sure that it is permission based. You asked people to join your list volunta
Steven Lucas 26.08.2016 2 345
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