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Are You Ready To Join The Professionals

Here at 4eLife we have recently added a new feature to the 4eLife website that allows Service Providers and Professionals to post their Business Style Profiles and advertise the Services they offer while facilitating Bookings for those Services. Professional profiles may include information about 4eLife Members Business Location, Contact Information, Business Hours and so on.

Multi-Level Categories are included so that listings can be identified based on Categories as well as allowing general users to drill down and search Sub-Categories giving you more scope to target your potential customers.

Members can interact with Professionals by requesting more Information about Services offered and even Book Your Service from the Service Offered Page.

Here is just a brief look at the main features of the 4eLife Professionals Listing:



Professionals can list multiple Services offered. For example, a Beautician can list Services for Manicure, Pedicure and Facials and so on within their Professional Listing.

Relevant details of Service is listed such as Length of Service, Cost and whether Service cost is fixed or negotiable.


Providers can specify whether or not a particular Service can be booked online directly from the 4eLife Service Page.

For Bookings, members indicate their preferred time frame, their location and contact information. The Service Provider can then review the information given and confirm or deny a Booking.

Service Providers are notified of new Bookings. Clients are notified when Booking is confirmed or rejected.


A feedback tool is implemented so that Clients can post reviews that reflect the quality of Service offered by specific Professionals.

Reviews can be general (overall feedback on the Professional) or Specific to a particular Service offered.


Providers can maintain a list of Clients that utilize their Services. This can be a form of promotional mechanism especially if clients are easily recognizable celebrities or popular brands.


The Professional has the ability to upload galleries of Photo, Video, Sound and Documents to assist Professionals in explaining and Advertising their Services.

Video Embedding from external sites is also facilitated.



4eLife Members can Rate and Comment on Professionals Listings

4eLife Members can Promote Professionals Listings by sharing with other site members or external friends.

4eLife Members can Promote Professionals Listings by liking and sharing on social networks.


Each 4eLife Professional Listing comes with a fully integrated Forum to facilitate discussion between Professionals, Customers and Potential Clients.

As you can see we have loaded the Professionals Features into this 4eLife Addition to allow you to get the very best discussions going relevant to your particular service or profession. So why not share your Professiona Services and help others to find you.

Start Sharing Your Professional Services Today here at 4eLife Professionals and get your Professional Services seen by others who may need your help.

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